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The relationship game can be used to attract the relationship of your desires. You can start by writing a list of all of the things that you desire in a partner which I outlined in my article attract a mate.

Once you are done with your list you can add relationship affirmations.

I know a guy that added relationship and love affirmations all over his home when he was trying to attract the person that he desired. He placed these affirmations on his refrigerator; bathroom mirror etc and he did end up attracting the women of his dreams, just by staying in the consistent feeling of being already in love.

Another relationship game that you can try is listening love songs for one month. Make an entire cd with music about being in love and how good it feels. For example, Patti Labelle's "If Only You New." I did this and it feels great to sing along to positive music to get yourself in that great feeling mood.

When playing the relationship game you must choose the love songs that feels good to you.

And last but not least since most people are visual, you can play the relationship game of watching love movies for one month or longer. This is great way to train your mind into a place to know that there are actually people in great relationships.

You need to stay away from movies that portray infidelity and other negative messages. With the Law of Attraction you get what you focus your attention on, so why would you want to focus on something that will keep you in that negative place.

Here are some examples of my favorite love movies:

1. Maid in Manhattan - starring Jennifer Lopez it is a story about a New York politician that falls in love with the maid of the hotel where he is staying.

2. Couples Retreat - Three couples participate in couples therapy in beautiful Bora, Bora Tahiti. Very Funny Movie!

3. Just Wright - starring Queen Latifah - A physical therapist falls in love with her patient, a basketball player who doesn't notice her at first.

4. The Back-Up Plan - starring Jennifer Lopez - One of my favorites - A single woman feels that she cannot find a good relationship and she wants to have a baby, so she decides to get artificially inseminated and then she meets the guy of her dreams.

5. Valentine's Day - Starring Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts - A group of Los Angeles residents finds out what true love is all in one single day.

6. She's Out Of My League - A very funny movie about an average looking airport security agent cannot believe his luck when a beautiful and successful woman falls in love with him.

7. Just Go With It - starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler - A guy goes from relationship to relationship until he realize that the girl of his dreams in right under his nose.

8 Going the Distance - A California based Journalism student goes to New York for an internship she unexpectedly meets a guy and she has to figure out if she is going to stay or move back to California for her dream job.

9. Love, Wedding and Marriage - A divorce counselors parents are getting a divorce and she almost risk her very own new marriage in order to save her parents. Cute movie.

10. Pretty Woman - starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere - An oldie but goodie - A successful business man falls in love with his escort and ends up changing her life for the better.

These relationship games can be used to keep yourself in that good feeling place in order to attract to you the partner that you desire.

Read your list of what you desire in a partner, listen to your love songs and watch your love movies over and over until you get yourself into that consistent feeling of love.

And the Universe will have no choice but to send to you the partner that is also vibrating on your very same wavelength.

If you have any other great love songs or movies that you enjoy be sure to send them it. Sending Love and Happiness,



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