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Self Love and Relationship Affirmations

S. Vuono

In order to maintain a happy life we all must have self-love and good relationships. No one can live without love so here is a list of...

1. I believe I am deserving of a great relationship.
2. I demonstrate love with action everyday.
3. I accept and love myself for who I am.
4. I release anyone that isn't in my life for my higher good and I ask them to release me.
5. I have fulfilling relationships with the people that are in my life.
6. I know my value and my self-worth.
7. I follow my inner guidance over the advice of other people.
8. I receive love easily.
9. Everyday I experience more love in my life.
10. I have positive supportive relationships with the people in my life.

11. I have loyal and trustworthy people around me.
12. I focus on what I love and draw it to me.
13. I send peaceful loving thoughts to other people.
14. I have meaningful relationships with the people that I love.
15. I have harmonious relationships with everyone in my life.
16. I have the ability to create the relationship that I want.
17. I am a magnetic to love and all things good.
18. I am worthy of love because I am love and emit love daily.
19. I receive and give love unconditionally.
20. Because I trust myself I only attract trustworthy people into my life.

You can use these self-love and relationship affirmations to help you to affirm loving yourself more and other people. Because love is one of the most powerful energy in the universe; as you learn to love yourself and love other people unconditionally you will be attract nothing but great things into your life.

"Love creates all miracles, heals all wounds and purifies all lower energies. You cannot give love away for the more love you give, the more you will receive in return." Sanya Roman
Sending Love and Happiness,

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