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Hello my name is Shontel Williams and I am a Certified Law of Attraction (L.O.A.) Life Coach. Ever since I can remember I've always been a person that loved to help people and people always came to me for advice. And, I enjoyed providing them with the answers that came to me so very easily and naturally and it felt great to be able to help someone get through tough situations. To this day; I am the same exact way still enjoying helping people but with a lot more wisdom and knowledge:)

The movie The Secret inspired me to create this site and Coaching Program. After learning about the Law of Attraction; a light bulb went off in my head. Wow, this is what I've been doing all along (using my thoughts in order to create things). So, I decided to study it; so that I could use it for only good and make my life the best that it could be and then help others achieve the same dream.

During the years; I’ve taken the time to study and learn how to deliberately use Law of Attraction in my own life so that I will be able to effectively help and guide others. Since learning how to deliberately apply the Law of Attraction into my life. I have been coaching on and offline. With of the success of my students; I have decided to go for one of my life goals; which is to create a coaching program through my site, so that I will be able to reach a wider audience; which would allow me to help change and reshape the lives of people around the world.

I have successfully assisted my clients with attracting:


•Attracting - Love/Romantic Relationships

•Improvement of Current Romantic Relationships

•Improved Finances - Attracting More Money

•Business Growth - Higher Sales/Attracting More Business Opportunities!

•Better Health - Improve Mindset to Attract Better Health (I do not give medical advice)

•Assisted with the achievement of weight loss goals

•Improved Family and Friend Relationships

•Improved Job and Co-worker issues and relationships

•Improved Self-Esteem Issues - How to love yourself more

•Finding life purpose - What we are placed on this earth to do!

•School - Improve grades/exams

•Athletic Performance - Create the perfect mindset to improve your game.

•Spiritual Growth - Assisted with clients becoming more in-tune with their spirituality and spiritual guides.

•And how to live by the Law of Attraction in order too create the happy and peaceful life that you want and desire!

With the Law of Attraction; there are several steps in order for you to attract the things that you want and desire.

And, I realized by the questions that I receive from my clients that sometimes extra help is needed with these steps.

During my program, I will teach you how to manifest your goals using the three main ingredients in the L.O.A. which is how to properly Ask, Believe and Receive!

How will I help you to achieve your goals? 1. I will help you focus solely on your wants and desires by giving you the best L.O.A. tools to help you manifest whatever it is that you want and desire.

2. I will also help you to identify your fears or blocks that are hindering you from reaching your goals. I will then assist you with easy and effective ways to release your fears and blocks; so that you can achieve your goals.

3. And third, With Law of Attraction like attracts like; so you will need to be able to keep your vibration up so that you will be able to attract all that you want and desire.

I will give you the best steps on how to raise your vibration and keep it at a place where it needs to be in order for you to attract whatever it is that you want and desire.

I have created a Phone Coaching and Email Coaching Program for your convenience.

Benefits of E-Coaching:

•With busy lives, schedules, and with clients all over the world and time zone differences email communication may be the best option over live phone coaching sessions for several reasons.

•E-Coaching will allow you to be able to communicate with me from anywhere around the world discreetly and without appointments but still receiving the answers to your questions in the best and most effective way.

•E-Coaching provides a more private and relaxed way of coaching because it gives you more time to think about questions and answers before sharing.

•E-Coaching is great because you will be able save conversations so you will be able to look back at previous email communications in order to stay on track.

•E-Coaching is very flexible because it can be done from anywhere you feel comfortable and you can email at anytime of the day or night.

•E-Coaching is also very discreet and private because some find it easier to get their thoughts out by writing rather than speaking to a person directly.

•E-Coaching is convenient especially for the person who is on the go or has limited time. No more worries about setting appointments for in person or phone session.

•E-Coaching is also more affordable than in person or phone session especially for those that want support in more convenient but still effective way.

Please note: Email coaching will not take away from the close individual attention that you will receive from me because you will be able to contact me as much as you desire depending on the package that you choose during the length of your program.


When Jamilia first emailed me she wanted to start her own business; but she just didn't know how to implement the steps on how to receive what she desired. After a few emails back and forth. She followed my steps and shortly later, I received this email from her:

Hello Shontel,

I'm sending you this email to thank you for all the help that you have given me. My daughter and found the perfect shop that we are turning into our hair factory.

You are apart of me getting the shop.

Thanks to you; I managed to open my hair factory after two days of receiving your advice.

Today, I am blessed with a successful hair factory at the best location and safe place.

The LOA works so fast you will be spruced!

Hope my story will help others believe that the LOA is real.

Thank you and GOD bless you. I would love to meet you personally one day.

Thank you Shontel.

Lots of love to you and your family!


South Africa

When Sujai emailed me she was going through some issues in her relationship. We went back and forth through email; as many times as she needed in order to feel at peace with her situation and a few weeks later she sent me this email:

Hi Shontel,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It’s worth going through your words you shared.

Also, personally I wanted to share with you that am feeling very relax and happy after sharing with you my personal thoughts. I haven't seen you in person but still I am feeling some connection with you. I feel that you are my angel who is guiding me on my path.

Love and respect you always,


When Jamie first emailed me she was going through a break-up with her ex; after a few weeks of emailing communications. She sent me her update:

Dear Shontel,

I'm so happy and excited! I don't know how to thank you for your advice...

I did what you taught me regarding my situation with my ex, and last night out of the blue, after weeks of ignoring me, he sent me a text and asked if I'm interested to go to a bar and watch the soccer game with him today...! I'm absolutely speechless, I wasn't expecting it to work out that quick! I have a good feeling about this... Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Love and faith are so powerful.

Sending you lots of love,


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